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Created by parents for parents

The Bubba Hub is a baby equipment rental company based in Dorset, providing quality baby products to parents across the UK at a fraction of the purchase cost.

Our Story

We want to take the hassle out of parenting by reducing cost, waste and logistical difficulties whilst promoting sustainability.

Over the last three years, as parents of a baby and toddler, we have bought and sold numerous baby items, often multiple similar products with varying features, to determine what worked for our babies' likes/dislikes. Wasting a large amount of money, creating storage issues and not adhering to our ethos of being an environmentally friendly
household, if only we had had a try-before-you-buy option!

Staying away was always a challenge

Despite having so much equipment, we found staying away a challenge; with two under two and a teen in the car, space to transport baby equipment was limited. Hotel and Airbnb stays without the baby aids we were used to weren't as relaxing as they should have been, sparking the idea for The Bubba Hub to help other parents struggling with the same issues.

“We couldn't be prouder to offer you a range of quality baby equipment delivered directly to your door.”
Melissa Maher - The Bubba Hub Founder
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